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You have a presentation to give. A story to tell.

It needs to make a strong impression and bring people on board with your proposal. Leave them with a straightforward, memorable replica of the idea. 

Sounds simple. So why isn’t it?

There will be lots of details to handle.

Graphics, copy, charts, sound design, handouts, web companion pages… all of these can be part of a presentation, and each element requires extensive planning and time to make them convey the message powerfully.

Time that you might not have to spare.

That’s where I can help.

Reclaim your valuable time to focus on the big picture. Every little element is important, and when it’s done right everything comes together to make a grand statement.

I call it One Big Production.

Over Twenty Years of Experience.​

I’ve helped refine the message for clients from diverse industries such as Aerospace, Wall Street, Law, Medicine, Education, Furniture, Hospitality, Consulting, Real Estate, Engineering, Technology, Entertainment, and more.

Let's Tell Your Story.

Expand what’s possible for your presentation and spend your time on the Big Picture.

Which subject would you like to explore further?

About One Big Production

Andy Ard, Presentation Rock Star

One Big Production is the stage name for me, multidisciplinary freelance artist Andy Ard – Presentation Consultant, Web Designer, Audio Producer, Songwriter, and all-around Figure-Out-How-It-Works guy.

Since beginning a career in advertising in Atlanta, later moving to Denver, I have been a sound designer at a post house, a chart designer for a Wall Street firm, designer and fixer of countless presentations for a variety of clients, and often invented solutions when there weren’t any available.

Though sound design is still a focus, PowerPoint jobs began taking a larger role in recent years. As I continued growing the list of projects completed for agencies and clients, I became the go-to guy for many of them.

I’m still a performing musician, as a solo artist, part of an acoustic duo, and as band director/soloist in the adult rock choir Voices Rock Denver. I’m a husband, a dad, and best friend of a couple dogs and a cat.

Why “One Big Production”?

I’ve worked on many projects that called for presentation design, animation, sound design, and custom music all in one place. At some point my service offering grew beyond being merely a freelance presentation designer. But I was not quite a recording studio or full-fledged agency.

So the title morphed into something more like an enhanced multimedia presentation production contractor, working on diverse projects.

But that’s a mouthful.

After one such complex project, the client described the whole thing as one big production. And thus was the name for this little venture going forward.

The whole point is to get your message across effectively, and that can take many forms. In every case, though, the message must be unified. Cohesive. Clear.

I’ll be happy to talk it over and see if this skill set is a good fit for your project.



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