The Team

One Big Production is just me, multidisciplinary freelance artist Andy Ard – Presentation Consultant, Digital/Print Production Artist, Web Designer, Audio Producer, and Figure-Out-How-It-Works guy.

AV Nerd

I was the kid in class who got the projector working, partly because I wanted to make sure the program went on without distraction. There’s something I really enjoy about seeing a producer’s vision through. Thus began my preoccupation with presentation, which led to gigs in advertising, newspaper production, magazine editing, and corporate collateral.

I studied advertising at University of Georgia and began a career in advertising in Atlanta. In 2000 I moved to Denver, where I’ve taken on countless gigs – a chart designer for a Wall Street firm, editor of quarterly statements, template designer, digital media producer for social media, website builder, and so on. I often improvised solutions when there weren’t any available or where the budget limited the options.

"Just" Presentation?

PowerPoint jobs have taken a larger role in recent years. As I delivered for more agencies and clients, I became their go-to specialist.

Working with such a wide variety of clients and industries has constantly introduced me to new software, too. Every company has their own flavor of project management, such as Basecamp, RoboHead, Trello, Asana, and so on. Freelancing requires the ability to jump in and get up to speed quickly.

Whatever the project, there are almost always some related tasks that involve other skills like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Word, Excel, or converting documents between other formats like Keynote or Google Slides.

A proper presentation is the culmination of all these disciplines to make a concise statement. So it helps to be well-versed in them all.

Why “One Big Production”?

I’ve worked on several projects that called for presentation design, animation, sound design, and custom music all in one place. At some point my service grew beyond being merely a freelance presentation designer. But I was not quite a recording studio or full-fledged agency.

So the title morphed into something more like “an enhanced multimedia presentation production contractor, working on diverse projects”.

But that’s a mouthful.

Once I was talking with a client all the separate parts of the project. You can have lots of people working on different things, but it has to come together to make sense. “It’s all one big production,” she said, and that has stuck with me.

The whole point is to get your message across effectively, and that can take many forms. In every case, though, the message must be clear and cohesive.

That’s what I enjoy doing, and I’ll be happy to discuss your project to see how I can help.

Andy (with guitar) at Red Rocks with Voices Rock choir

About Me Personally

I’m a performing songwriter, a husband, a dad, and best friend of a couple dogs and a cat. I’m also fairly introverted and don’t enjoy writing about myself that much. I’d rather shine the light on your project!