Hourly rate: $65. Block rates available for longer projects. Initial consult and estimates are free.

Your needs will guide that. Some projects require only someone to pick up the slack when it’s crush time. Sometimes you need someone to jump in and just handle it front to back. Or maybe you’ve got an initiative for something for which you don’t have the resources in-house. I’m used to lots of different environments, constraints, and pressure levels.

I know that schedules change, and sometimes it’s hard to pin down specific dates. Let’s work with what you know so far, and I can hold blocks of time once we’ve got a sense of clarity on the timing.

Lately remote has become an attractive option for contract work. Onsite is still an option, even if it’s just for a kickoff meeting. I’m well practiced in following a company’s safety protocols.

I have in the past, but travel for projects is less likely these days. I will gladly assist in running presentations remotely, as well as help set them up in advance.

Let’s discuss any project management platforms you’re using. I might be able to hop onboard with little instruction time: Basecamp, Trello, RoboHead, Asana, and G Suite are some of the tools used by my clients, and I’m adding new ones constantly. Have a look at the Capabilities page for an overview.

We can use workflows that allow you to check on progress at your convenience.

Yes! I’m fluent and completely at home in Windows or Mac platforms, and I’ve got laptops for each platform.

Sure, no problem.

I would like to know if I will be permitted to use samples in my portfolio later. In some cases, I have created separate samples with anonymized and cleaned content.

I’m not able to display everything I’ve worked on, and will gladly answer questions about past projects if I can.