The website you’re viewing now is a One Big Production production.

And you could have one just like it! Or completely different.

For the last five years (and for another ten before that on Dreamweaver) this humble presentation designer has been expanding web design skills with numerous clients. Some of those from the early 2000’s even included Flash. Yeah, Flash.

But these days, WordPress is the jam.

Website/WordPress Services and Capabilities


Let’s start with an overview of your site needs.

Do you have an existing site that needs updating?

Is it a complete rebuild or a new site altogether?

We can do all the tasks involved in getting a site online, including:

  • Domain name purchase
  • Hosting selection
  • Site planning, design and construction
  • Optimizing for responsive mobile performance
  • Ongoing maintenance and backups
WordPress is our tool of choice. The most popular website management system in use, it is the backbone behind over 60 million sites, including one third of the top 10 million.
It’s also a tremendously flexible platform, sporting countless themes and plugins that extend its functionality.
Whatever you’d like your site to do, chances are good that there’s a way to do it with WordPress. Online stores, media galleries, mailing lists, and forums are but a few of the possibilities. 

Like any finely tuned machine, websites require maintenance.

There are enough particulars getting a site going, but it doesn’t stop there.

If you need it, we can provide ongoing maintenance of the site. Regular backups, updating plugins, and uploading new content are the main tasks. Others can pop up unexpectedly, and it helps to have someone on call to handle it.

If you need to be able to access your site to edit and add content, there are ways of making that happen.

Approve drafts. Leave notes. Keep everything behind a password-protected wall until it’s ready to launch.

And you don’t have to be a web developer to do it.

To be clear, this is not a website building course.

But if what you need is enough knowledge to take over site management without crashing everything, we can help.

If outside ongoing management service (that’s us) is not in the budget right now, this is an option that keeps your labor internal.

Which brings us to the last service, Handoff.

Your site is built, and you’re ready to take the keys.

The host is hosting, the pages are loading, the visitors are finding their way. If you’ve already been handling websites, then this was the objective all along and we’ve skipped straight here after building.

You get the admin password, the hosting info, all the assets that went into production.

You are now webmaster. Or maybe you’re still webmaster.

Either way, we are delighted that you have a shiny new, functional site. We hope it serves you well for many years to come.